We are firm believers of the positive impact sports can play in the lives of kids and youths, for generations to come.

Sports should be fun and encouraging and are a place for languages and cultures to meet. Sports are universal and translate to every part of the world, where anyone can partake, practice to get better, and be part of a team story. That’s the beauty of it, don’t you think?

  • 300,000+ Teamsuse Heja with their team.
  • 15+ years of experiencein building tech for youth sports.
  • 50+ Countriesand growing.
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Our Company

We want to make it possible for every child in the world to experience the joys of team sports. From building friendships to bridging cultures and boosting health. That’s what we believe in. Through Heja, we make it simple and accessible for everyone - including coaches, families and players - to be part of a well-run sports team.

Before Heja, our founders started a niche team sports tool that reached +2M users and are now building something accessible for every team worldwide.

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Our Team

Just like any great sports team, we’re a close group with a diverse mix of backgrounds and skills. Experienced developers, talented designers and leaders with a long history in digital communications, we value simplicity, privacy, listening to user feedback and delivering great customer support. Everyone works towards the same goal: to create a home where sports teams from all over the world can grow together.

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